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friday quote

I have had so much fun writing this blog in 2012, thank you so much for reading!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and I will see you back here in the New Year! 


new ideas for your winter wear

Today Refinery 29 posted an article on new ways to update your winter wardrobe.  I like these ideas because they are simple and you already should have most items in your closet.  Just some new ways to slightly switch things up!

Wear a cuff on the outside of your sweater.

Dress up a basic sweater dress by adding a sheer shirt
dress underneath.

Knot the ends of your scarves for a new look and a way
to add weight to your thinner scarves.

Add a pair of opaque tights and a boxy sweater to your
short summer pants.

Where a turtleneck like a statement necklace.

Click here for the full article and sources for the clothing pictured.


eclectic elegance

As I was perusing Houzz this weekend I came across an article about a home in Dallas and it caught my eye...
This is such a unique mix of pieces I love the use of the black wall, it grounds a lot of look.

Very eclectic, this house looks like it has taken years to collect every piece.

The bookshelves in the background are great painted white with black interiors.

I love what they did with this hallway and of course the chevron rug.

Such a great green color!

What do you think of this home?


target + neiman marcus

Just in time for the holidays Target has a new partnership, Neiman Marcus.  The great part of this collection is that it's not just one designer but all the top brands.  Here are a few items on my Christmas list:

Tory Burch Lunch Box $19.99
Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Set of 4 $49.99
Rodarte Wrapping Paper $7.99
Rag & Bone Men's Sweater $69.99

Diane von Furstenberg Jewelry Box $49.99

And yes, I want a men's sweater for myself.

Catch your favorite items before they run out!

*Source: Target


glass room

Architecturally, this room is awesome.  Glass walls, ceiling. and a glass floor is pretty cool you have to admit.   But really, who is going to sit on a cold hard glass floor and read a newspaper?  As an interior designer I would fill this room with cozy sofas and beautiful tailored greenery, the perfect room for an afternoon nap in the sun especially in winter.  What would you do with this room?

*Click on photo for source.